Bob and the TP

The kids enjoy watching Bob a lot now that he is downstairs. He comes out surprisingly a lot these days. I gave the boys shredded toilet paper to put in there for him and a toilet paper roll and they had a ball watching him pouching it for his nest.


I had the camera tilted on this last video thus the sideways angle.


5 thoughts on “Bob and the TP

  1. Hey! So its like I am quite new to owning hamster but I just got 2 syrian boys a few days ago. So right now I leep them separately in stacked bins which are two storied( for each ) But my dad is too in the military and we will be moving soon so please if you could write a post on how to create smaller bins. Currently I use IKEA bins the big ones. Oooh I forgot to mention I love your hams and gerbils! My favourite was ol’ Strawberry though all are cute!!

    • Hi there! YES, you can. As long as the bar spacing is of course narrow enough. Is it a hamster cage you’d be using? Obviously not a guinea pig and rabbit cage with wide spacing I’m assuming?
      I got the idea to do the topper on bin cage idea from this site:

      Pretty much I got the idea of a bin – cutting a lid square just a bit shy of the size of the cage top so the top of the cage can sit on top of the lid – put holes around the square to attach wire to hold the cage in place to the lid. It will be much clearer if you look at the post and scroll she shows you a diagram of how she did hers!

      For travel bin cages for the hamsters I did just like I would a normal bin cage but chose smaller sizes like 64 quart sterilites from Big Lots (USA). For Bob my syrian I am using a 110 qt sterilite bin from Big Lots. For travel I chose to only cut out the lid and attach mesh but no side ventilation because I felt it was safer since they would be put beside items like luggage and such. But then you can’t stack them. We would’t be stacking anyway as I fear slamming the breaks and sending the top cages flying. Also it would deter rear viewing for the driver with things stacked too high. Also I thought not meshing the sides and only the lid would keep the noise down.

      But when traveling in summer heat that is going to be dangerous if they are left in a car without windows being left down (like you would a dog) and that is an issue with the idea of people breaking into your car by an open window. A big concern when taking dinner breaks and such during long distance military moves with pets for sure! Hopefully you guys don’t have a long move. We are traveling over halfway across the country. I don’t have it ALL figured out yet in terms of deep south heat in the late summer and early fall but I think I might look into battery operated fans to begin with. And chinchilla cooling stones (cooling stones – made of I think marble or granite that they can lay on to keep cool inside their cage) . A small cooler I keep with ice so I can put ice in shallow heavy bowls in their cages since water bottles would leak in transit. Also keeping a piece of carrot would help for giving them moisture without making a mess like a water bottle would.

      For the gerbils I have to have a topper because they burrow so much they burry their water bottles and food! I am not sure how well that will travel but I am optimistic. This is a first time for me – to travel with rodents like this!

      I wish you the best of luck and you are so wonderful (and your parents) for going to the lengths you need to to keep your hamsters and keep them safe and healthy and well for your move!!!

    • I also will soon take pictures up close of ALL the portions of my gerbil bin/cage topper set up and explain in more detail what I did. If you could find it useful than so could others. Thank you for the suggestion – also, I will take pictures of the small travel bins I made to give you an idea. I hope it will be in time for you to make preparations and that I was not too late in my reply.

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