A Hodge Podge Posting

Random things to post about for today! Hamster Diaries is back up and running! I’m very excited my fellow Hamster Blogger is back on the WWW again!

Also, I stumbled on Dwarf Hamster Blog in google search. It doesn’t appear they update anymore but I like that they have various care articles and the look of the layout is so clean and neat.

Also, we went to IKEA for the first time ever yesterday and I found what I’ve wanted for a very long time. SPÖKA LED light! The ones that resemble hamsters. They resemble them enough for many hamster fanatics to consider them hamsters anyway!

Here are the two we have when lit up.

hamsterMy 4 year old loves his. He wanted the reddish one on the right.

Of course I sought out the DETOLF. I wanted to at least see one in person to imagine the possibilities that will probably never be for me. But it was fun to see it and have that fantasy set up. It was just expensive of course. A luxury item that wasn’t needed – only wanted. Besides – I have absolutely nowhere to set it up or store it in this small apartment and even if so we are downsizing as it is to prepare for a huge move.

For the size (when considering it for a hamster habitat) it is a very good price. I still could not justify spending almost $70 for it though when it wasn’t something I need. Nonetheless it was difficult to walk away from!


And then lastly, I could not resist posting about this. Speaking of my 4 year old he developed this attachment to one of my stuffed hamsters. He named it Hammy. I gave him Strawberry’s (RIP) bin cage and filled it with bedding and toys. He takes care of Hammy often throughout the day and before bed. He even puts Hammy in Strawberry’s pink ball to roll around in through the apartment.

He said that Hammy has hearts on him because he is a hamster that loves people. “He is a “loving-hamster.”

10007446_392988884177253_5338826300164834603_nIntroducing Hammy –  of the species: “Loving-Hamster”.




3 thoughts on “A Hodge Podge Posting

  1. Thank you kindly for the mention, we are all truly humbled here! And funnily enough, I went to Ikea for the first time ever on Thursday, I didnt see these lights there?! But they look AWESOME! And also, we are all loving little Hammy 😀 What a fabulous thing to see! Can’t wait to read more 🙂 xxx

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