They’ve come a long way

 photo (2) The gerbils haven’t been in a playpen in too long. Rectifying that ASAP. They had a ball in here for an hour. I did a few switcharoos in there. Decided to get them to try out a Flying Saucer. Lennon attempted a few times but gave up. They are just not exercise toy Gerbils.

photo (1) photo

When I first brought home these brothers they were completely terrified of humans. They had been kept in the back of a store room in a TINY container with a chewed up plastic igloo house and a sprinkle of wood shavings. They were completely unfamiliar with people.

It took over a year and a half for them to truly become tame. I didn’t want to rush them. When I tried to at any given time it would upset them so much that they would back peddle. I realized that I would have to let them be. Just as they were. And I still adored them no matter what. Oh, they would come up to take treats from my fingers gladly and unafraid. But try to touch them and *zoom*. But something changed. It seemed almost overnight they were slowing down. Not easy to startle. Gained some weight. I thought – what the heck! – and attempted to pick one of them up. No trying to bolt. Just sort of letting it happen. I then gently placed them down and would attempt again every day. To the point where I was able to cradle them in my arms for a moment. Always giving them a treat they love (yogies) afterward.

So, nowadays it’s a new thing to be able to let them into playpens without it traumatizing them.

They’ve come a long way. I’m so proud of them!


4 thoughts on “They’ve come a long way

  1. Just wanted to say I am glad you are back and mostly settled. I started reading your blog after searching for Gerbil blogs back in the spring of 2014. I have really enjoyed your DIY’s and info on gerbils. Your furry family is beautiful and I love that you are always working on better homes and activities for your critters. I hope Texas treats you and your family well.

    • Thank you so very much. I apologize it took me so long to respond. All the events have just left me disorganized!!! I do hope I get back in the swing of things. I adore posting to this blog. Thank you so much for your support!

  2. I just wanted to say I am new to this site and I find it very helpful. I bought a chinese dwarf hamster about six months ago and he acts exactly how your two gerbils were acting every time I open his cage he runs and hides. I’ve never had a hamster before so I dont know what to do. Until reading this post I decided I would just leave him alone only opening the cage when it was time to refill his food. If you have any tips please share!!!! Thank you!!!

    • Thank you so very much for your comment! And I am so glad it’s helpful. I hope to be more active again soon. I feel terrible I’ve slacked off here and have missed it. My Chinese Dwarf hamster Gabriel is the same. He isn’t very skittish but he does not approve of being handled much. He prefers that the extent of our contact is my handing him treats. Sticking your hand down with treats within it and having him come take them from your hand is a great way to start taming. I know this is a VERY VERY late reply and by now you’ve probably tamed him or found help elsewhere. I have another friend who has a Chinese and she is also pretty much a watch but not touch hamster. It is good of course to have them be used to being handled enough that they can get health checks and such. But I just try to keep that to a minimal with Gabriel. As well with my Gerbils – it seemed to keep them happier and less resentful of me that is for sure. Less likely to run and hide since my hands were always a sign of treats and rewards instead of anything else to them.

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