Snow is at Peace


 I found Snow curled up by his Flying Saucer. Seemingly peaceful. I hope so at least.


Back in July 2012 I kept hearing about these “robos” on the hamster forums and elsewhere on the net during my searches to better educate myself on dwarf hamsters. I had Strawberry, my hybrid campbells dwarf but I began looking into Roborovskis and just knew I had to get a pair.

I went into Petsmart hoping to get lucky. They rarely had Robo’s there but that day I went in they had one in the front and two in the back. The two in the back had just come in and were so tiny I just could not believe my eyes. Two white boys and the only distinguishing mark between the two of them was Patch’s greyish brown patch on top of his head. I named the other Snow because he looked like a snow ball.

For the month they lived together in a 20 gallon tank they were hilarious. I loved watching their antics. They were so fast and so funny to me and so adorable. I didn’t bother forcing training on them. They truly preferred to be left alone. In my research I knew to expect them to be the species you watch but don’t touch. However, I didn’t research enough apparently. I did everything wrong. I had levels and I did not have two of everything. Eventually, Patch nearly killed Snow. I had to separate them.

Snow, my laid back Robo just crawled into my heart. Not that I didn’t love Patch for his personality but Snow continued to become more tame while Patch never has. And that i okay but there is a sense of closeness you develop when you can hold them. Snow, at he got older and older became more and more tame. To the point where I could hold him and he’d not try to run at all.

He gave me a scare when he somehow escaped his bookcase cage. But the bucket tick worked beautifully and swiftly and I got him caught in mere minutes!

He was a beautiful, beautiful, adorable, sweet, and gentle little hamster. His chip his brother put in his ear forever gave him that veteran look.

The last few months he and Patch had slowed down so much. Happy and still eating and drinking and exercising and always expecting a treat! A yogie or a piece of fruit or their favorites spinach. Snow, particularly had a thing for baked chicken. Whenever I baked a chicken I was sure to give him a tiny bite. As pictured in the collage (where he is in the yellow tube) he is munching euphorically on a bite of chicken. Of all my hams he was the most carnivorous.

Rest in peace little snow boo. You lived to be months over 2 years. A good life. Thank you for being in mine.


3 thoughts on “Snow is at Peace

  1. So sorry to hear that Snow has gone to the rainbow bridge. These little ones really weave their way into our hearts even though they are only her for such a little while. Rest in peace, Snow. ❤

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