On to something lighter hearted. A little change.

I painted the Kevin82 green (originally it was blue) and decorated it and the Tamburino with butterfly decals. I put some Halloween gel decals on the plastic top of the Tamburino to be festive. The best part is the stand! It’s the Vekto stand for Marchioro cages. This one for the Igor or Kevin82 cages. And it fits perfectly. What I love most is that the Tamburino fits perfectly on the bottom rack!


I got the stand from a place recommended to me by my friend Kerri. She got hers there. The company shipped it fast. I am very pleased with their customer service. Here is a link in case anyone is interested. Sundown Supply

I also ordered a Carolina Storm Express Wheel. I am absolutely over Wodent Wheels. I am not saying they aren’t great wheels. I am just tired of the complicated cleaning and the stand is not so wonderful. And maybe it is just mine but it leans backward a bit. Or a little crooked. All 3 of my WW’s. I am not sure what the issue is but I am tired of them. The CSE wheel has options in rotation and angle from what I read. They look sturdy and everyone who has them swears they are the most quiet wheels!

I picked the Purple! It will look good in Bob’s now green cage!





At this point my blog has become a holder of memorials. I brought home so many furry friends month after month of each other. I suppose I should have been more prepared for this to also come to an end back to back. I’m at the point where I’m kind of in a numbness. Which also affects my ability to express myself well. But I know these memorials finalize things for me. Help. And so, I must put down a few words to honor Lennon.

Lennon, I named you after one of my favorite musicians. John Lennon. Anyone who knows me knows this was a high honor to be named. And I adored you as much as your brother. You two were so special to me. I felt that I rescued you both from that store room in a tiny plastic container of the pet store. And I think it made you both much more special to me than I would have expected You and Mercury were a new experience for me. I wasn’t sure what I’d think of Gerbils. Though I researched a great deal before bringing you both home I also knew you were unlike hamsters. It was fascinating getting to know you two. Slowly but surely earning your trust. Our mutual respect of one another. I did not handle you all too much as you did not appreciate it. But you would come take treats out of my hand and hop back in the cage. We had an understanding. And I earned a few “gerbil smiles” in your lifetimes. I will never forget them.

You were the nurturing one. You doted on your brother. And that is why without him I do not think you could carry on. You became depressed and listless with no one to care for. No one to fuss over. Though seemingly healthy. I think your heart was dying every day since Mercury’s passing. ¬†For you were always washing Mercury and always cuddling on him. When Mercury was sick you groomed him and fussed over him and then you buried him with such respect and reverence. I am so sad that you did not have a brother to do that for you. Instead you had to bury yourself.

Did you have whatever illness that Mercury had? Did you die of grief? I will never know. But you are in peace now. Now you are buried beside your brother by the peach tree in the back yard. Rest in Peace.