On to something lighter hearted. A little change.

I painted the Kevin82 green (originally it was blue) and decorated it and the Tamburino with butterfly decals. I put some Halloween gel decals on the plastic top of the Tamburino to be festive. The best part is the stand! It’s the Vekto stand for Marchioro cages. This one for the Igor or Kevin82 cages. And it fits perfectly. What I love most is that the Tamburino fits perfectly on the bottom rack!


I got the stand from a place recommended to me by my friend Kerri. She got hers there. The company shipped it fast. I am very pleased with their customer service. Here is a link in case anyone is interested. Sundown Supply

I also ordered a Carolina Storm Express Wheel. I am absolutely over Wodent Wheels. I am not saying they aren’t great wheels. I am just tired of the complicated cleaning and the stand is not so wonderful. And maybe it is just mine but it leans backward a bit. Or a little crooked. All 3 of my WW’s. I am not sure what the issue is but I am tired of them. The CSE wheel has options in rotation and angle from what I read. They look sturdy and everyone who has them swears they are the most quiet wheels!

I picked the Purple! It will look good in Bob’s now green cage!



9 thoughts on “On to something lighter hearted. A little change.

  1. This looks SO good and it fits everything so perfectly! Glad to see that you didn’t seem to have any problems with the shipping! lol

    You already know, but I love the Carolina Storm Express Wheel, although, your’s is much prettier than mine! But…I couldn’t argue with the price! lol Hope that Bob likes it as much as Kernel does. I cleaned his 8.5″ WW this weekend & there were little tufts of fur on the spindle 😦 Kernel can’t wait to hear what Bob thinks! πŸ™‚

    • Oh I thought your green wheel was perfect for your natural set up!!!! Don’t you? I thought OH she got a woodland green color wheel – how perfect for all the browns in the IKEA hack! I had a hard time deciding. In a way I wanted the dark green because most of Bob’s set up is natural now. His hammocks were the only thing that gave a pop of color but as you well know – when the hams get really old it’s time to remove all the shelves and hammocks. So, I thought the purple wheel will give a little pop. I wish they were cheaper because having one in every color so you could change them out when you get bored of the color would be awesome haha!!!

      • The hunter green does fit nicely in the natural set up with the IKEA! It’s just that they have so many lovely colors! lol

        I took out Darwin’s hammock & shelves after a while too. And the hammock seems to scare Kernel at this point…he shakes SO much when he gets on it that the whole hammock shakes ridiculously. So, I’m not sure the hammocks will go back in. But I still maintain the natural set up pretty consistently.

        Keep us updated as to how Bob likes the new wheel! πŸ™‚

      • I sure will – I will make a review post for sure! I hope to get the wheel this week. He shipped it first thing Monday. He’s really nice and I stalked his Hedgie facebook and he is really passionate about his little ones. So I feel good about my purchase already.

        You know – Bob was nervous too at first now that I remember. He had issues with heights and I had him in that Ferret100 cage and he fell remember? That was why I ended up buying the Marchioro cage for him as it wasn’t high. But Penny – OH man – you know how Penny was. From the very moment I brought her home she was an acrobat. I don’t think she EVER fell. If she ever did she didn’t let me know and was obviously not injured. Oh I miss my Penny so much. I don’t know if I will ever find another hammy like her. </3 Anyway, Bob did eventually get accustomed to his hammocks after he got older and then LOVED them so in time I have no doubt Kernel will!!!!

  2. Hello, I just read your post and saw the pics of your cages. I have the same cage and would like to paint mine as you did. what kind of paint did you use to paint the plastic ? Also I have the wodent wheel for my Syrian Alvin,the noise keeps us awake at night. Do you recommend the new wheel you have for Syrians. Looking for something safe and quiet. As you stated its difficult to clean. Thank You, Alvins mom πŸ™‚

    • Hi there! I will probably get screamed at by some followers but I used Krylon spray paint that is super fast drying and I aired it out outside for a week before I put Bob back in there. So by the time he was in there the odor was gone. I did NOT NOT NOT spray paint the inside of his cage. Only the outside. And like I said – I aired it out for a long time in the sun. THEN I took dishsoap and and sponge and I washed the outside and inside really well and let it dry again.

      I don’t have a nose like a rodent but I do have a highly sensitive nose so once I couldn’t smell the odor of paint I brought it in. Bob hasn’t acted any different and been just as active as he normally as he was before.

      I imagine there are more “safe” less odorous paints out there. But I’m not sure if they are fast drying and or will hold on plastic surfaces. The Krylon I bought (from walmart) was for plastic surfaces.

      Once I get that wheel I am for SURE going to review it. I cannot wait to see what Bob does when he sees it! I find that the WW is getting harder and harder for him to turn. And I don’t believe it’s because he’s older because when Bob gets going around in his Play pen he is just as fast and strong as when he was young. I also do not like using olive oil to oil the wheel to make it faster because it is so messy! I don’t feel like I should have to do that!!!! Ick. And like Kerri mentioned – I’ve found tufts of hair in the crevices of the wheels before. OUCH.

      Larry who makes the Storm wheels has a very high reputation. And he shipped my wheel the next business day after I ordered. I ordered on a Saturday and he shipped it first thing Monday. So I am expecting it sometime this week.

      • I’m so glad I did! It took a few days for Bob to get the hang of the new wheel style but now he loves it and it is SO QUIET!!!

      • You bet!!! I love love love the wheel. I had planned on doing a review for it. When I do I assure you it will be positive. Right now my elder hamster is not using it or any wheel due to not being well. But he took to the wheel very well before that. I love many aspects about it!

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