3 wheels!

With all the fuss of two new wheels George – the gerbil who did not care for wheels- became a wheel addict as well! So that left Little Bear without a wheel again! So I dug up another of my old Wodent Wheels. I am so glad they have a huge living space. You should see the action of spinning when all 3 are in the wheels. It makes us dizzy!!!


I am so happy we have these active gerbils. They seem to hardly sleep. They are up all night like a hamster which is odd. I tried taking out the wheels to train them to sleep at night but it did not work. Instead they would make the worst angry racket!

They are up often during the day as well. I love these guys so much. They are so full of personality. I mean really spunky.


Put in the Wodent Wheels


2 of my trio are wheel addicts. This is new for me because my last two gerbils didn’t know what to do with a wheel and only chewed them. But this trio of gerbils are nothing like my last pair. In any way! It is like all I expected has been thrown out the window. Not in a bad way though. Just different!

These guys were a cinch to train. They are health foodies. They do not want “treats” like yogies. They eat up veggies and fresh fruit like their lives depend in it. Among other things my last pair were different about.

These fellas aren’t big chewers. Lennon and Mercury would go through so many toilet paper rolls i had to enlist family everywhere to save up and send me their stockpiles. Still was never enough to chew. These guys are less burrowers and more into their flat desert side of the tank. Anyway, so i decided to get rid of the metal wheel which i hate for so many reasons and put in two Wodent Wheels from past hamsters and they LOVE them. I mean absolutely love them. Even George the non-wheel gerbil sometimes gets in and does one lap here and there just to try it out. They love the game of hopping into the holes. And out of them. They make a game of choosing the higher holes to leap in. And Mr. Petty Paws my speed demon gerbil can go much faster and safer in these wheels. He and Little Bear both prefer the 8 inch as they can make it go faster. The 12 inch is a little slower as it is more to push. But i only have one 8 inch WW. But they will use the 12inch when one is occupying the 8 and so this is a good thing. They were beginning to not share the metal wheel and I knew I had to have at least 2 wheels in there.

So far they are not chewing the plastic. Not even George who is not a wheel fan really. But if I were to notice they were doing that I’d have to take them out. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven

I have to plug this Hamster Rescue page I follow on Facebook. The owner of the rescue, Claudie, who also maintains the page, posts regularly. And I enjoy the daily adorable pictures, information, and adoption stories. This is a lady with a huge heart! Who gives previously unwanted hamsters a better life! Truly an inspiration. And must have on your Facebook feed! Please spread the word especially, if you live in New York and are interested in adopting or know someone there who is.



This is a wonderful write up about her Rescue as well:


Mocha’s January 2015 Cage Tour

Mocha is in the Ferret Kit 100/ Mamble in the UK. He is not a climber but he does adore Ovo tubes. So, I wired the tubes around his cage. This deters him from climbing too high if her were to. The tubes would be in his way. If I start to see him scaling the bars I’ll put in hammocks. I did have hammocks in the last cage he was in but he doesn’t care for them. So far this set up makes him quite happy. And me too!


Gerbil’s Cage Tour

My 3 boys are in a glass curio cabinet that is turned on its back. No, it’s not actually a Detolf. I do not have an IKEA nearby me and the cost of IKEA’s shipping is astronomical. I instead found a facsimile on Amazon. What I love about this cabinet is that unlike the Detolf this one does not have bars running down vertically. Only the four that run horizontally.

IMG_8002 IMG_8003

I could not be more pleased with this cage. I have finally found what is for me a perfect Gerbil cage. Thanks to HammyLux on youtube I was inspired in making the lids for it.

I have found that these boys are much less the burrowing gerbils and spend more of their time in the “desert” side. They love to run about in the more open space. My past gerbils were more burrows who would spend the bulk of their time chewing and making elaborate tunnels. They also did not care for wheels but with these 3 gerbils two of them are very fond of the wheel. It is amazing how different my gerbil experience is with this trio compared to the last pair. May they RIP. I do wish I had had this cabinet when Lennon and Mercury were still with us. Oh, how much they would have enjoyed it.

Finally, some decent pictures of my new boys!


Mr. Pettypaws has white bands on his paws. He is an insomniac and wheel addict. I do not think this lively boy ever sleeps! He probably naps with his eyes wide open as he never wants to miss a thing. He’s very assertive and bold. Shows no fear in anything!


Little Bear is a runt but has grown quite satisfactory now that he is on a very healthy diet of Gerri Gerbil, mealworms, fresh veggies and fruit, and various assortments of lab blocks. He also is fond of the wheel but not as much as Mr. Pettypaws. He is also very bold and can be a little feisty!


This is George. He was very skittish of the 3 but now he is like a different gerbil. He’s now a camera hog. Tries to be in all the video and camera shots. And does all sorts of acrobatic antics to get noticed. I hardly recognize him from the darting and hiding shy gerbil I brought home. He’s also the most serious of the 3. And probably the most gentle. He doesn’t care for the wheel at all.


This is Mocha Dune. He is gorgeous with a dark rich ebony upper half and a warm sable, espresso colored brown on his bottom half. White strip up his belly to his chest and under his chin and all four paws. He is absolutely striking. He’s very alert. Bouncy! And loves ovo tubes more than anything. He’s very gentle and friendly to the boys. I had not planned on picking up a new Syrian when I went into the store. I was there for Gerbils. But I could not resist him the moment I saw him.