Finally, some decent pictures of my new boys!


Mr. Pettypaws has white bands on his paws. He is an insomniac and wheel addict. I do not think this lively boy ever sleeps! He probably naps with his eyes wide open as he never wants to miss a thing. He’s very assertive and bold. Shows no fear in anything!


Little Bear is a runt but has grown quite satisfactory now that he is on a very healthy diet of Gerri Gerbil, mealworms, fresh veggies and fruit, and various assortments of lab blocks. He also is fond of the wheel but not as much as Mr. Pettypaws. He is also very bold and can be a little feisty!


This is George. He was very skittish of the 3 but now he is like a different gerbil. He’s now a camera hog. Tries to be in all the video and camera shots. And does all sorts of acrobatic antics to get noticed. I hardly recognize him from the darting and hiding shy gerbil I brought home. He’s also the most serious of the 3. And probably the most gentle. He doesn’t care for the wheel at all.


This is Mocha Dune. He is gorgeous with a dark rich ebony upper half and a warm sable, espresso colored brown on his bottom half. White strip up his belly to his chest and under his chin and all four paws. He is absolutely striking. He’s very alert. Bouncy! And loves ovo tubes more than anything. He’s very gentle and friendly to the boys. I had not planned on picking up a new Syrian when I went into the store. I was there for Gerbils. But I could not resist him the moment I saw him.


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