Gerbil’s Cage Tour

My 3 boys are in a glass curio cabinet that is turned on its back. No, it’s not actually a Detolf. I do not have an IKEA nearby me and the cost of IKEA’s shipping is astronomical. I instead found a facsimile on Amazon. What I love about this cabinet is that unlike the Detolf this one does not have bars running down vertically. Only the four that run horizontally.

IMG_8002 IMG_8003

I could not be more pleased with this cage. I have finally found what is for me a perfect Gerbil cage. Thanks to HammyLux on youtube I was inspired in making the lids for it.

I have found that these boys are much less the burrowing gerbils and spend more of their time in the “desert” side. They love to run about in the more open space. My past gerbils were more burrows who would spend the bulk of their time chewing and making elaborate tunnels. They also did not care for wheels but with these 3 gerbils two of them are very fond of the wheel. It is amazing how different my gerbil experience is with this trio compared to the last pair. May they RIP. I do wish I had had this cabinet when Lennon and Mercury were still with us. Oh, how much they would have enjoyed it.


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