For a long two years I’ve been playing with the idea of adopting a rabbit. I could not hold back any longer! Pictured below is the rabbit I will be adopting next weekend! She is a Netherland Dwarf mixed with a Mini-Satin. Her face – I fell in love when I was looking through these photos below from the Rabbitry’s website. I knew she was the one. It’s her face. Her eyes! Immediately, I knew I’d name her Beatrix. I can hardly be patient.


I will be making a NIC cage within an x-pen for indoors. And a rabbit run for outside. Though she would be primarily a house bun I will have a safe play area for her outside when we are outside ourselves. Pretty much I have everything I need for a rabbit except for fresh food and hay. A trip to the pet store tomorrow might help with the impatience.


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