More embellishments to Beatrix’s cage


I made the woven mats out of cardboard as 101Rabbits instructed! My boys helped and it was fun actually. We made 4. And then I got an idea from StormyRabbits for the heart string banner for the outside of the cage. We bring Beatrix home on Valentines Day so it was very appropriate.

I got several ideas in the late hours of the night last night for DIY rabbit toys. Mostly cardboard activities. I have a couple hanging in the back. One with a toilet paper roll to stuff some hay in.


I decided to put down fleece. Pretty pink fleece I might add. I will see how she does with that. I see fleece in so many house rabbit cages online that I feel I have a good chance at having a non-fabric eating bunny. IMG_8584

Then I have nail scissors and a brush and extra fleece blankets in purple and teal. Plenty of toys. I bought some plastic jingle balls marketed for cats today. Just a little more of something. I also Rabbit proofed the home today. I won’t leave the borders around the couch like that all the time (only when Beatrix is out of her cage) I just was exhibiting it for a picture. Until our bunny is confident around us and very tame I want to eliminate the couch as a place for her to hide. I don’t want it to be a struggle to get her out from under there. I also am not sure but she might be able to get up in inside the couch if she wanted to. So, when she is out we’ll just pull these out. They are NIC cube pieces (both metal grid and plastic version) that I ziptied together so they fold like an accordian pretty much when I put them away. Nice for storage and easy to pull out and spread out. I also have others to go around areas with electrical outlets.

Bunny proofing your home is much easier than Child proofing the home. I’ve got this. I also used to have ferrets who also would have free roam of my home when they were out. And those little guys can get into super tiny spaces. So, rabbit proofing is definitely much easier for me.

I ordered Oxbow young rabbit formula pellets today from Amazon. I have had NO luck finding them anywhere else locally. Everything is for adult rabbits and mostly the Oxbow brand is out of stock in those places. I’m left with Kaytee and crap like that which has a 14 percent or less Fiber percentage. NO GOOD. It needs to be at least 18 percent for fiber. Also I have come to understand most certainly growing rabbits MUST be on a formula specific to them and not adults. I was glad to see they had a 25 pound bag of the stuff for much cheaper by the pound than if I were to buy smaller bags. I’ll section it off in Ziplock freezer bags and store them properly to maintain freshness for a long time.  I imagine that will last me a good while. Can I freeze those bags?

After we get the swing of bunny ownership I’ll consider having her spayed and adopting a neutered male friend. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself right now. I know that rabbits do better with a rabbit friend. But she doesn’t have a litter mate left with her to go. So, it will have to be done this way anyway.

As much as I’ve read and as much as I’ve asked knowledgeable folks there is still so much for me to learn. As I learn along the way I will update. I’ll probably make a mistake here and there. Patience with me please! I hope I can become a safe authority on house rabbits after awhile and to confidently post with certainty on all things Rabbit in the future.


4 thoughts on “More embellishments to Beatrix’s cage

    • Thank you so much!! I was so surprised by how the cardboard mat turned out! It looked good on the video tutorial I watched but I didn’t expect mine to turn out well. It’s kind of crooked but I don’t care! It was a great activity with the boys!

  1. Bea is beautiful! I am so happy for you and your family. I wish we had room for a bunny. I am looking forward to seeing future posts about your new rabbit girl.

    Also your new gerbil boys are so adorable also. It is so happy to see you bounce back from all the losses and move forward to show love to new deserving critters. I love the time and research you take into making sure that each of your animals are housed in awesome habitats and stimulated.
    🙂 Kelda -gerbil Mom to two sweet girls

    • Thank you so much Kelda. I also finally lost Bob (my heartham) and it was a horrible experience. Broke my heart. So much so I could not even bring it up on here. COuld not even write a memorial. One day I will. But just not right now. I adopted Mocha a few days before Bob died because I knew I would not get another one ever if I didn’t do it. It was the BEST decision. It made Mocha incredibly important and special to me to have him to turn to when Bob passed. Anyway, I also never thought I’d adopt gerbils again. I’m so glad I finally got to a point I just did it. It’s so hard that they have such short life spans. I’m thankful bunnies in general live to be much longer.

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