Last Post

Sadly, I will not be updating any longer. I kept holding out to see if I would get motivated once again. After the major move and all the eventual passing of all my original zoo (the crew of hammy’s and gerbils I began this blog for/about) I just lost steam. I’ve become busy with a new hobby/learning a new skill: Horse riding. Also, we have mountains here so I hike often. I also feel I’ve covered everything to my knowledge really. I only hope that leaving this blog here the older entries will continue to help those doing web searches for caging and accessory ideas. The original purpose for this blog was about housing critters. Ideas to be efficient, affordable, and the best for hamster/gerbil welfare. I cannot really add anymore to that!

For anyone that is still hanging around to read this thank you so much for helping make me feel as though I was accomplishing something good for hamsters and gerbils. When I did receive comments it was absolutely wonderful to know I reached people and in that – helped the little furry kids in their care.

Give all your fuzz butts a cuddle for me!