I got my first hamster when I was four or five years old. I named the short hair golden Syrian Jennifer after the little girl who let me adopt her. Her family didn’t have the time to devote to the year old critter and so my love of hams began! After Jennifer I would have three other hamsters. And then a gerbil. Then mice. Lots of mice. When I became an adult I then had ferrets along with dogs and cats and tanks of fish. But my first ever love for an animal was a hamster. Hamsters are a major warm memory from my childhood. A placeholder of my youth and innocence. I had no idea that hamster ownership as an adult would take me back to that secure place of my childhood. And has become very therapeutic. The little creatures don’t ask for much. A nice habitat. Food. Water. And some toys. They make no other demands. And all they do is go about their day (or evening mostly) running about, ignoring me… yet they do much more than that for me than one could ever imagine!

At this point in my life being a mother of two young ones and moving around with the military as my husband is a soldier – I realized I really need a pet that is a lot easier in pretty much every way. Something fuzzy to love and care for but less requirements. I actually thought about more slimy than furry at first. I was going to set up a big fish tank like I used to have as well growing up. But then I saw the hamsters and it hit me. Why not? I love them as a child. I have a child (I was pregnant at the time with my second) and he would love them too. I had NO idea how much I’d love hamsters again. Much more than when I was a child (and I really was into my hams as a child).

I joined a hamster forum online (Hamster Central) and the care for them and their habitat has become a hobby actually. I have set up two aquariums and a large cage and made my first “bin cage” which I will go into eventually in my posts here. The possibilities are endless with hamster habitat set ups. It has become an unexpected joy for me to have hamster friends and to create and construct cute and functional habitats for them. And the more I learn and brainstorm the more it all evolves.


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  1. so are you located in the US..or am i out of luck. because i was wondering where you bought the cage you keep Bob in..so if you are in the US, please point me in that direction. your hammies are adorable.

  2. I am in the U.S and there is a shortage of decent cages here. If you have the money you can get 3 pretty good sized cages. One of them is the Kevin 82 that Bob is in now and I got it from Petstore.com but at the time it was 119 dollars (cheapest I’ve seen anywhere) at thatpetplace and Petstore.com matched the price for me – otherwise it would have been 140 dollars. I LOVE the cage. It comes with tubes and platforms etc but I prefer just one level for Bob except for a ledge and a hanging bridge.

    There is the FOP Gabbia Tamburino which you can find on Abbaseed.com and I think with shipping it’s 75. It’s like a zoozone from the UK – it’s all plastic.

    And then there is the Ferret Kit 100 which I got from Amazon for 103. I deemed it too high for Bob. He fell from a hammock. But he wasn’t that great with climbing to begin with. For a more dexterious hamster it might be great. It’s certainly a great size and you can put all sorts of ledges and shelves and platforms, hammocks. Etc. I’m saving mine for when I get ferrets again because it’s big enough for a couple ferrets as well. The 100 one is. (Large). Not the medium size which is cheaper.

    Anyway, you DO have options but you have to spend some money to get them.

    My favorite cage of them all is my Bin Cage though believe it or not. And the cheapest of them all. LOL.

  3. Do you know any good websites that would sell crittertrail hamster tubes for a good price. I recently extended my two adoeable hamsters’ cage with a bin cage (thanks for the idea) and the tubes that I have just won’t work. I looked online and saw that it was almost five dollars for one 3.5″ strait! Considering I need 3 elbows, 3 small straits and 2 ten inch straits I’d be spending an outragious amount of money, which is what I was trying to avoid with the bin cage in the first place.

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