D.I.Y Platforms

This one I have planned and have been impatient to do! Make my own hamster platforms!

I went to Michael’s Crafts and bought these wood shapes and plaques all of which was under a buck each. I cut to size a Woodsies inch thick dowel rod and then sanded them. My 3 year old and I painted them with non-toxic kid paint. Then I elaborated more with paint to give it more personal touches. Then I drilled holes in the base and the dowels to glue and bolt them to the base. And used both wood glue and hot glue to attach the platform shapes to the tops of the rods. Then I used a sealant over it to waterproof it (pee proof).

Bob’s is obviously Mushrooms. And Penny’s is obviously hers! The piece that has the bear like shape (meant to make it more like a hamster) has an imperfection that makes it seem like something stained it but that’s alright.

I am letting them air out for a few days before I put them in their homes.






This was the original inspiration – these can only be bought from the UK:



Gabriel cage additions

So I have been trying to come up with DIY toys for the hams. I was so close to buying Penny those 1 inch thick, 28 or 36 inch long rope perches used for rats and large birds. They were on sale on one site and then I found it even cheaper on another but it was still going to be $12 and that is breaking our goal so I refrained but I don’t know how longer I can resist.

For Gabriel I remembered this video on YouTube by Erinshamsters of her DIY cage for her Chinese Hope and the spoon staircase and hanging cup.

I took those ideas though I want to get a wider and cuter cup from the dollar store later.



I also added 3 more piles of sand to his box and watched him sniff and dig in it for awhile. Ah, ham watching is much more interesting and relaxing to watch than the fish tank.


Making the bendy wood ladder

So, many of us American hammy enthusiasts are members of UK hamster forums. And we are teased by their variety of hamster products that we cannot attain here in the states. On item I have wanted for some time is the bendy wood ladder. Or suspension ladder. Etc. This one.

So, I bought two of these and already had this steel thick bendable wire and made my own.

Just cut off the rope and push through two pieces of wire and then make hoops at the end to attach hooks or string or however you plan to attach it to where ever in you cages.





DIY Foraging hanging toy with Video of Penny enjoying it!

I saw a foraging toy in a friend’s bin cage that can be bought on Doctor Foster and Smith. But I decided to make my own because I could get Terra Cotta pots that were slightly bigger and use a kabob toy so I could make changes to it. It was SUPER easy and fast to make of course and was a success.


First I got four of these terra cotta pots. One for each Syrian, the Gerbils, and Strawberry. I plan to make these for the Roborovskis as well but with twine to hang them lower for them and with smaller pots which I can find somewhere else but haven’t yet. Getting there! So, I also then used the box they came in to cut cardboard squares for the bottom and the top. And purchased some Kabob hanging toys (I have another already from before not pictured and also you could of course go even cheaper and use twine. Sisal or hemp twine /rope would work well. You can get clips to hang them from and tie a fat sturdy knot at the bottom of the base of the pot so it won’t slip off. I chose the metal kabobs for the sturdiness.) Then I had my crinkle bedding and some new treats ready and finally went to work!

photo(16) photo(17)

I used a piece of cardboard to keep the metal bottom from sitting flush on the clay bottom. The top piece of Cardboard works as the challenge of the hamster lifting it to get inside. Once your hamster gets the idea you can up the level of difficulty by cutting more squares and making them different shapes and piling them on top of one another so it’s heavier or trickier for them to get in. I made this one for Penny too easy. So, I’ll have to make a few changes so she really has to work harder to get in there. This is what the toy from Doctor Foster and Smith didn’t offer. A way to make it more challenging and why I thought I’d take it a bit farther! Also you can put more wood blocks or pumice chews, lava rock etc on the top to weigh it down more. Anything to make them work for the treats inside. I’m sure everyone can come up with more and more ideas. If you do this and try something different PLEASE post me pictures of it in comments! I’d love to see it!

Here is a video of Penny with her new toy! She of course didn’t take long to figure it out. It helps to put special treats that they do not get very often or never have had. Or a fresh vegetable. Something very enticing!

Dip & Dive Egg Box Toy (Video of Strawberry)


Erinshamsters on her Youtube channel did a tutorial on this easy and awesome DIY toy for dwarf hamsters.

And so of course I had to do it. Strawberry is the hardest to please of all my hamsters so my first carton I saved was just for him. He absolutely loved it! That’s not easy to do – to impress this guy! Thanks Erin!

And I didn’t want to leave the Syrians out (the next two egg cartons I save will be for the Roborovskis) so I pulled out these two recycled cardboard boxes that were used to cushion an electronic item I had shipped to me. I’ll be putting them in their cages tonight and see how it goes!