Put in the Wodent Wheels


2 of my trio are wheel addicts. This is new for me because my last two gerbils didn’t know what to do with a wheel and only chewed them. But this trio of gerbils are nothing like my last pair. In any way! It is like all I expected has been thrown out the window. Not in a bad way though. Just different!

These guys were a cinch to train. They are health foodies. They do not want “treats” like yogies. They eat up veggies and fresh fruit like their lives depend in it. Among other things my last pair were different about.

These fellas aren’t big chewers. Lennon and Mercury would go through so many toilet paper rolls i had to enlist family everywhere to save up and send me their stockpiles. Still was never enough to chew. These guys are less burrowers and more into their flat desert side of the tank. Anyway, so i decided to get rid of the metal wheel which i hate for so many reasons and put in two Wodent Wheels from past hamsters and they LOVE them. I mean absolutely love them. Even George the non-wheel gerbil sometimes gets in and does one lap here and there just to try it out. They love the game of hopping into the holes. And out of them. They make a game of choosing the higher holes to leap in. And Mr. Petty Paws my speed demon gerbil can go much faster and safer in these wheels. He and Little Bear both prefer the 8 inch as they can make it go faster. The 12 inch is a little slower as it is more to push. But i only have one 8 inch WW. But they will use the 12inch when one is occupying the 8 and so this is a good thing. They were beginning to not share the metal wheel and I knew I had to have at least 2 wheels in there.

So far they are not chewing the plastic. Not even George who is not a wheel fan really. But if I were to notice they were doing that I’d have to take them out. Keeping my fingers crossed.


The Ever So Silent Carolina Storm Express Wheel.

I’ve had the Carolina Storm Express Wheel (originally created for use of Hedgehogs) for a few months now and so I can tell you why you should not buy any other wheel but this one. (He also makes the Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel).

So, firstly I have to get this out.

#1 Reason this exercise wheel is awesome? It’s made in North Carolina. Let’s just put that out there. Coming from a Native North Carolinian – well ….if it was made in NC it has to be good. *wink*

#2 It is a QUIET wheel. The fans aren’t pulling your leg. This is the most silent wheel I have ever had. I have had Comfort Wheel, Silent Spinner, Wodent Wheel, and the Flying Saucer disc wheels. None of those are really quiet. All of these have broken from being flimsy. All of them were overpriced. ALL of them are a pain in the butt to clean!!! Which leads me to #3 & #4 …

#3 It is easy to clean. EASY.

#4 It is STURDY. I mean you have to try to break this thing on purpose and even then it might take a hammer. It’s made from a bucket and pvc piping and a roller blade wheel. Seriously! (I’m sure there is more to it but as a DIY junkie to another – that deserves major props for inventiveness.

#5 This wheel is adjustable. It has holes in the stand to adjust height and angle. Genius!

#6 It is pretty! (Or cool if you are a dude) There are several colors to choose from. I ordered the purple though now I’m kind of annoyed with myself because the color kind has worn on me (completely my own fault and a trivial issue) and I regret not ordering the Teal which was my original choice. The good news is I plan on ordering another because I am eventually replacing my wheels with all CSE Wheels! He also makes the Bucket Wheel which from what I understand the only difference is it’s wider for running space and it looks slightly different as it’s a different type of bucket used. The CSE is slimmer in comparison. So that is something to consider. I like the CSE for it taking up a little less space in the cage however, the Bucket wheel is probably a really great choice for a wider, chunkier Syrian. Really, I’m sure any ham would appreciate more running width. But for those trying to save space the CSE is probably what you want to go with.

#7 Larry, the maker, is a nice guy. And if you head over to his Facebook you can see all his adorable Hedgies and other adorable creatures and the absolute devotion and TLC he gives them all.

How nice is it to get a best quality product and also supporting not some corporation but home business? A business that actually cares for small animals?

Here is a video of my NEW (super new) hammy Mocha Dune running on his CSE!

If you type in the wheel in Youttube you will find a few other reviews on it. And if you are ready to order this is his website. You can also order from his Etsy account!



On to something lighter hearted. A little change.

I painted the Kevin82 green (originally it was blue) and decorated it and the Tamburino with butterfly decals. I put some Halloween gel decals on the plastic top of the Tamburino to be festive. The best part is the stand! It’s the Vekto stand for Marchioro cages. This one for the Igor or Kevin82 cages. And it fits perfectly. What I love most is that the Tamburino fits perfectly on the bottom rack!


I got the stand from a place recommended to me by my friend Kerri. She got hers there. The company shipped it fast. I am very pleased with their customer service. Here is a link in case anyone is interested. Sundown Supply

I also ordered a Carolina Storm Express Wheel. I am absolutely over Wodent Wheels. I am not saying they aren’t great wheels. I am just tired of the complicated cleaning and the stand is not so wonderful. And maybe it is just mine but it leans backward a bit. Or a little crooked. All 3 of my WW’s. I am not sure what the issue is but I am tired of them. The CSE wheel has options in rotation and angle from what I read. They look sturdy and everyone who has them swears they are the most quiet wheels!

I picked the Purple! It will look good in Bob’s now green cage!