DIY Rabbit Cage : A hybrid between the NIC Condo and the X-Pen idea.

bunny home

So, I worked on Beatrix’s new home today! I can hardly stand the wait for her! My kids are equally impatient. She is already so loved!

I used what I already had around the house. I bought two Midwest Exercise Pens a couple years back for a makeshift fence for my small dog when we were living in Maryland. Now that we don’t need it for that purpose they were gathering dust in the garage. I plan to use the other one to make an outside rabbit run.

I also had Whitmor “6070-1723” storage cubes which I have used for various things for the couple years I’ve had those. But at this point I had them stored away as well.

I simply made the x-pen and zip tied some of the cube shelf grids to the x-pen to make a 2nd level and to block off the top where she might make a jump for it. I didn’t think she would be able to jump out of the middle portion of the cage. But I’ll keep an eye on that.

For my kids, when they were babies, I had those foam flooring mats. Again, something I was not using anymore. So I made that the floor. If she is a foam chewer I’ll get those adhesive backed vinyl squares and stick them on top of the foam mats.

And then the obvious baby toys I saved. My children have outgrown them but they make perfect rabbit toys. Plastic keys and links and such! Stackers. I have most of the toy collection in the bin on top of the cage so I can switch them out to keep life interesting.

I also had plenty of wicker toys. Wicker balls that jingle or rattle or roll. A woven grass mat my Syrian hamster Mocha didn’t care for is on the 2nd level as well a couple wooden bendy bridges that I flattened and secured to the grid shelf (they aren’t going to shift when she jumps up). And wood rolling toys that originally were made for rabbits and guinea pigs however I had been using them for my hamsters. I have yet to have a hamster that pays them any mind so I’m so happy such adorable little rollers will get some action now!

I made a hay loft out of one of my stackable metal shelves. A spare plastic bin for her litter box with Yesterday’s News wood pellet litter. I was going to use a water crock but decided to opt for a water bottle for now. It’s what she is currently accustomed to.

I made a little burrow area under the 2nd level shelf. I plan to put cardboard panels on the grid wall to make it more of a dark burrow. And a little wooden bed which I will put some fleece squares inside for more comfort.

All that is left are some cardboard items. I’m going to make DIY cardboard toys. Boredom busters that are chewable. This woven cardboard mat by 101Rabbits is one of my next projects. I have a ton of loo rolls I’ve saved for my gerbils. I am sure I can find some neat toys to make from those.

Tomorrow we make the outdoor rabbit run. I hope I will get that posted tomorrow evening!